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JVNW is one of the few privately held companies of its kind in the United States. Customers are given such VIP service that the return rate is over 80%. Strategic alliances with OEMs put us in contact with a wide variety of industries and stabilizes our production year.

We have a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that can build tanks up to 1/2 inch thick, but are most proficient at building lighter gauge tanks in the 7-14 gauge range. Our facility can accommodate the construction of tanks up to 14 feet in diameter and up to 60 feet in overall height. We manufacture our own flanged and dished heads up to 10 feet diameter. Take advantage of our in-house Mixer Lab and Electropolishing capabilities.

We have a unique work environment that allows us to build tanks vertically – requiring less space. Our work week is structured to absorb spikes in demand and accommodate quick deliveries when required.


  • I went with a local manufacture, JVNW out of Canby Oregon. JVNW was great to work with, prompt and high quality tanks delivered as promised within the timeframe quoted.

    Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery
    Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery
  • We love you guys. (and gals) Please pass on to the entire JVNW crew how gorgeous the tanks are and thank you very much to the whole team. They arrived safely and were installed safely. We do the rigging ourselves with the exception of hiring a crane. Phil, I think we broke our record, we had the two tanks of the trucks, upright and inside in less than 90 minutes on a windy day with an ice covered roof.

    James "Otto" OttoliniThe Saint Louis Brewery
    • I complimenting JVNW for the very professional job they do as it shows from these kettles
    • I was impressed by JVNW design and manufacturing abilities and recommending them as very good vendor for these type of work
    • I thank Kyle and Chris for their decision to run this job with JVNW

    Shimon Rosner
    Shimon RosnerSabra Dipping Co.
  • We’ve won Mid Size Brewery of the Year 3 times on our JVNW brewhouse.  We never won it on our previous one.

    Adam Firestone
    Adam FirestoneFirestone Walker Brewing Co.
  • I want to letyou guys know that your man Jared is awesome to work with. He's got great enthusiasm for the project, problem solves well, and brings a valuable skill set - his mechanical and beer inclinations. Yesterday Jared went the distance for us, he stayed and got us brewing for the first time. We could have easily been put off another week without him. PS Love our JV system.

    Scott McFarland
    Scott McFarlandSky High Brewing
  • I've actually never liked European spiral polish myself, especially on the flimsy 14 ga pop-can tanks that they make with it......But I gotta hand it to these JV guys, being able to Fab up some very custom, stout 12 ga tanks with all-American spiral, at Eagle Quality standards....it was not an easy task. We were trying to hide our silicate water spots with it here, and break up some of the visual homogeneity of a large all-concrete cellar, which they did on both accounts. But anyhow, cheers to good tanks.

    Nick Gislason
    Nick GislasonScreaming Eagle Winery
  • This [Vermont Hard Cider] has been a good project and you guys really showed off your abilities by delivering great tanks on time. You're definitely on my list for the next project.

    John F. Bruton, PE
    John F. Bruton, PEBarry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc.
  • Bolthouse Farms has been doing business with JVNW for at least 8 years that I am aware of. They are our first and primary choice for all of our stainless steel tanks.  We have purchased a variety of tanks with various configurations including aseptic, full scrape mixer, turbine mixer, glycol jacketed, hot water jacketed and insulated just to name a few.  All of our tanks must be and are rated for seismic zone 4.  JVNW's price and delivery meets or beats their competition while their quality definitely exceeds other manufacturers.  In addition, their quick response when we have a crisis is very impressive.  We have damaged 2 tanks this year and JVNW helped repair both very quickly.

    Bill Shipp
    Bill ShippBolthouse Farms, Inc.
  • Thank you also for continuing to afford this brewery and myself the highest level of customer service and satisfaction that I could ever imagine from a supplier partner. I realize that we are a small brewery and I try not to become high-maintenance, however you always manage to treat us as if we were your largest customer.

    Briar Bush
    Briar BushLost Coast Brewery
  • I just want to take a minute to thank you for the excellent installation crew you sent out. They were extremely professional, talented and all around nice guys. There were a couple of challenges they didn't expect that were related to our facility but they were able to overcome these obstacles and stay on schedule. I tried to be as helpful as possible and help facilitate the installation in any way I could, but these guys really got the job done well. It looks great. Juan also repaired a dent in one of our tanks with a piece of #4 stainless I sourced for him and it came out great.

    Austin Matlee
    Austin MatleeWeyerbacher Brewing Co.
  • This is our 4th order with JV Northwest. We've really enjoyed using our JV brewhouse and tanks the past few years. As we've evaluated other options each time we've expanded we continue to find the performance, quality and value of JV stands out.

    Michael Pearson
    Michael PearsonDaredevil Brewing Co.
  • I've never worked with a more knowledgeable, understanding, problem solving crew, they are a serious asset to JV. I wish I had guys like Brice, Chris, & Steve on my payroll!!

    Jason Roeper
    Jason RoeperThe Rivertown Brewing Co.
  • The tanks are the finest I have ever seen – kudos to you and your crew of craftsmen: you are a class act.

    Bart Araujo
    Bart AraujoWheeler Farms Winery
  • I just wanted to let you know that I did my first mash this weekend; the JVNW equipment performed without a hitch! Thanks again for your work on this project, your thoughtful and detailed engineering, and great customer service. JVNW has been the most reliable and responsive of the equipment suppliers I have worked with.

    Steve Day
    Steve DayRed Hills Distillery
  • When you are considering a fabricator for your horizontal conditioning tanks, you would be well advised to give careful consideration to JV Northwest. They are the most professional and capable fabricators and engineers with whom I have had dealings.  The engineers part is very important.  These guys are not just tank builders. The quality and value of their work is excellent.  They are straight up folks, people of integrity. I can not say enough good things about these guys. Once you work with them, you will throw rocks at everyone else.

    Steve Scoville
    Steve ScovilleLittle Harpeth Brewing

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