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Brewery Questionnaire
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The questions below will give us the information necessary to provide you with a price quotation that matches the type and size of brewery that you are planning. In addition, we hope that it highlights some of the things that you need to consider in your planning. We look forward to analyzing your responses. If help is needed in answering any of the questions, please indicate that you would like to receive more information.

JVNW Tank capacities 7 BBL - 800 BBL

1 BBL = 31 Gallons | 1 Keg = 1/2 BBL

Turnaround time for quotation varies depending on volume of inquiries and information supplied, please call if your needs are more urgent.

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General description of entire order

Is this a mircro brewery (distributes bottles, kegs, cans) or a brew pub (beer for on-site consumption)?  Micro Brew Pub


What type of beer do you want to produce?  Ale Lager Other

Do you want to produce beer using malt extract or full grain?  Extract Full Grain

If full grain, will you grind your own malt or purchase pre-ground malt?  Mill your own Pre-ground

If full grain, what type of mashing process will you utilize?
 Single Temperature Infusion Pre-ground Temperature Programmed Decoction

Type of hops?  Leaf Pelletized


Total projected capacity for brewery?
Year 1 US BBL

Year 2 US BBL

Year 3 US BBL

Ultimate US BBL

What size brew length do you want?
 7 BBL 10 BBL 15 BBL 20 BBL 30 BBL 40 BBL 50 BBL 60 BBL

How long will your brewing cycle be?
 10 days 14 days 21 days 28 days Other Don't know

How many different styles of beer do you wish to produce?

How many different styles of beer do you wish to sell at any given time?


How will your product be packaged?  Kegs Bottles Cans Serving Vessels Other

Do you wish to sell beer for outside distribution?  Yes No

If yes, what percentage of your production will be for outside distribution? %

AVAILABLE UTILITIES: (if site has been selected)

Water:  City Well

Flow Rate:


Average Yearly Temperature

Lowest Temperature

Highest Temperature



Phase Amperage Available

Available Gas:  Propane Natural Gas Neither

Do drains currently exist in brewery area?  Yes No


Location of Brewery: City State

Square footage available for brewery: sq. ft.

Ceiling height in brewery: ft.

Is brewery area multi story:  Yes No

If yes, how many floors?

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