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Commonly called “JV” after Jones and Verboort, the company founders. JVNW was established in 1981 to provide cost effective stainless steel processing tanks and related systems that will get the customer up and running quickly.

JVNW is one of the few privately held companies of its kind in the United States. Customers are given such VIP service that the return rate is over 80%. Strategic alliances with OEMs put us in contact with a wide variety of industries and stabilizes our production year.

The average length of production plant employment at JVNW is six years. The workforce is well trained and talented. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is built for efficiency and smart ergonomics. The company has been presented with two building design awards.


We are a small but professional sales force with deep technical experience. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • David Jones
    David JonesCEO, PresidentDavid Jones heads up JVNW as president and keeps an eye on west coast sales with an emphasis in wine. David grew up in the world of stainless steel manufacturing and learned from the best, his father and founder of JVNW, Don Jones.
    • Kyle Sawyer
      Kyle SawyerCOOKyle Sawyer handles the operations side of JVNW and is also an engineer. Kyle has a wide range of tank fabrication experience and keeps sales to the pharmaceutical industry under his umbrella.
      • Phil Loen
        Phil LoenVP SalesPhil Loen is Vice President of Sales and has been with JVNW more years than he would like us to count. He is a pioneer in Craft Brewing equipment and has been instrumental in the success of JVNW’s more than 450 breweries.
        • Jared McClintock
          Jared McClintockSales EngineerJared is the newest member of the sales team. After working in the JV project management department and most recently, as plant manager, we are excited to see Jared take on his new role. Jared is a mechanical engineer and takes pride in his ability to solve customer issues with innovative solutions.

          We’re all about the details


          Sanitary Sanifoil Mixer Impeller

          • The leading edge is curved slightly upward, effectively captures CIP spray and redirects solution to the underside of the blade.
          • The impeller-to-shaft union’s strength is derived from its curved shape.
          • The portion of the impeller closest to the hub is configured in a CIP-friendly vertical position to offset the slower relative speed near the center.
          • The trailing edge is tapered to create an axial flow pattern, causing robust agitation and a uniform velocity across the length of the blade.
          • The top surface of the hub is pitched for complete drainage allowing the cleaning surface to flow underneath the hub.
          • Patent No. US 6,866,414 B2


          Sanitary SaniBearing Steady Bearing

          • Three access slots allow a sliding action to secure the bearing on the end of the mixer shaft and through the spider (legs).
          • Easy twist of bearing seats the spider into 3 support slots, reversal of this action allows bearing to slip free while shaft remains fixed.
          • All bearing slots are radiused, all edges are chamfered to 3A sanitary specifications.
          • Radiused milled flats at the end of rotating mixer shaft redirects CIP solution to effectively wash inner bearing surface.
          • Ends of spider are radiused to provide minimal contact to steady bearing.
          • Patent No. US 7,402,023 B2


          Service Policy

          At JVNW service is an integral part of our products. Our goal is to accept nothing short of total customer satisfaction. To accomplish this JVNW operates on the following principals:

          • Our customer’s business is our business. We make a point to understand your business. We support our customer’s trade organizations and sponsor related activities wherever we can.
          • Requests for bids on upcoming projects are always finished within one weeks time, no matter how involved the project. Single vessel pricing can often be quoted immediately. Response time to quote or information inquiries is seldom longer than two hours.
          • We listen to our customers. We encourage feedback we want to continually improve and learn.
          • If a problem should arise, every effort will be taken to solve it to the customer’s satisfaction. Every time.
          • A Project Manager will be assigned to your order. Single source communication helps the project run smoothly.
          • Products are completed and delivered on time. Period.
          • Full year warranty. All defects in parts or workmanship will be fixed or replaced for one year. If our good customers think a defect is our fault, then it’s our fault. We run our business honestly and we assume the same of others.
          • Every product will be subjected to extensive quality control. Every single weld is checked and signed. We are an ASME code shop and adhere to all 3A standards. cGMP procedures are followed.
          Finishes & Welds

          Standard (commonly used) stainless steel welds and finished. Weld sample parent material: 150 grit polished stainless steel, unless otherwise noted.

          migMIG As-Welded

          mig_bufMIG Buffed/Polished

          mig_2bMIG Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

          mig_doubleMIG Double Pass, As-Welded

          mig_double_bufMIG Double Pass, Buffed/Polished

          mig__d_2bMIG Double Pass, Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

          tigTIG As-Welded

          tig_bufTIG Buffed/Polished

          tig_2bTIG Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

          tig150TIG Ground Smooth to 150 grit

          tig180TIG Ground Smooth to 180 grit

          tig240TIG Ground Smooth to 240 grit, Electropolished

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