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Totes & Portable Tanks


These stackable, portable open top tanks are built in 2-6 ton sizes. Feature 1:1 aspect ratio and are completely portable via forklift channels (accommodates rotating forklift) and/or pallet jack. Optional drain screen, temperature well, sample port, sump style drain and 100% access to cap with optional variable capacity lid.


Cooling jacket: cold soak and control fermentation heat.

Heating jacket: rapid rise to fermentation temperature.

Custom portable tank


Additional options include:

  • Clamp-on mixer
  • Stainless steel legs
  • Racking port
  • Sloping bottom
  • Side manway: easy pomace removal (pomace door standard in sizes over three tons)
  • Conical bottom: easy seed removal
  • Econo-Totes: Click here for specifications and photos



Custom Fabrication


Custom fabrication is what we do best. Higher cost are often associated with custom work, at JVNW that is simply not the case, we know no two customers are going to have the same exact needs. Our in-house Engineering Department and Rheology lab have earned two patents with many more pending. Our mission is to build the best product for your needs.