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Phil Loen speaks

Senator Wyden (left) looks on as VP Sales Phil Loen (podium) speaks

JVNW Speaks at Senator Wyden News Conference


July 5, 2010 - Senator Ron Wyden is co-sponsoring legislation to reduce the tax on craft beer in order to stimulate investment and promote job creation in Oregon. JVNW, along with 4 other industry leaders, were asked to speak to their own industry's growth potential within the craft brewing industry.


From 2008 to 2009, JVNW enjoyed an impressive 42% revenue increase from the craft beer market, a quarter of that from the Oregon craft brewing industry. In 2009, brewing equipment sales made up 28% of JVNW’s total sales; a quarter of which came from the Oregon market.


With sales and revenue on the rise in the Oregon beer industry, jobs are now following suit. JVNW currently employs 100 living wage jobs, an employment growth increase of 66% since 2009. Man-hours spent on brewing equipment last year totaled 36,000. Over the past six months, JVNW has hired employees from welders to project managers.


Senator Wyden and Phil Loen

Phil Loen (left) and Sen. Wyden (right) in front of 240 BBL cellar tanks at Ninkasi Brewing Company

Oregon brewhouse installations, by JVNW, in the past year and a half include: Coalition Brewing Company, Green Dragon, Upright Brewing and Three Creeks Brewing Company. Additionally, cellar expansions were done for Ninkasi, Full Sail, Rogue, Hopworks, Widmer, and Hair of the Dog.


Only one word is needed to explain the success of the craft brewing industry: Passion. Phil Loen, VP Sales comments, “Craft brewers are incredibly creative and innovative. They have done an amazing job of reinventing every aspect of beer: from hops to malt, yeast to packaging - all of which contributing to their continued growth. We have always loved the craft brewing industry, it’s a great industry.”


The success of JVNW brewing equipment is a testament to their craftsmanship and reputation for quality. David Carter Jones, CEO of JVNW: “We consider our fabricators to be artists, truly dedicated to their craft. They build not only to exceed industry standards, but to create show pieces; to say they take pride in their work is an understatement.”


The news conference was held at Ninkasi Brewing Company in Eugene, OR.