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pharmaceutical vessels

JVNW began manufacturing pharmaceutical tanks in the early 80's. A few projects at a time for local companies, keeping our focus on quality rather than quantity. It wasn't until JVNW moved into its state-of-the-art production facility in 1997 that we were able to produce tanks in sufficient quantities to service the complete pharmaceutical industry.



Pilot Scale


WFI Vessels



R&D Vessels


Portable Transfer Vessels




pharmaceutical tank

We are an ASME coded facility, fabricating vessels and our own line of sanitary mixers that includes the patented ultra-sanitary Sanifoil impeller. The Sanifoil is our most sought after impeller, its proven performance is completely "CIP-able", eliminating all shadows.


JVNW is equipped for riboflavin testing, a procedure that coats contact surfaces with a riboflavin solution, once the CIP (clean-in-place) devices rinses the surfaces, any harboring trace amounts of contaminates will be illuminated by the ultraviolet light. This procedure allows us to guarantee 100% CIP coverage of the vessel and mixer.


Portability is often extremely important, JVNW is capable of fabricating portable vessels for steam sterilization, this includes the castors themselves. Please view photos #12-14 for images of a vertical portable vessel that lays horizontal during the steam sterilization process.



In-House Electropolishing


The Polishing Unit of JVNW is proud of their top-of-the-line electropolishing equipment. Powered by a 7500 amp/480 Volt DC rectifier.

electropolished interior


RA or RAVE: Roughness Average, the measurement of the peaks and valleys of the stainless surface, is typically measured in micro inches. The process of electropolishing will improve the surface finish (RA) 10% to 20%. An RMAX measurement is a stricter measurement, measuring the highest peaks and lowest valleys and grading the finish on those measurements alone.



Engineering Innovation


Tele-Tilt Mixer

Problem met solution when JVNW’s creative engineering team crafted the telescoping shaft to accommodate a hinged top, thus requiring minimal clearance. The hinged shaft allows for disassembly of shaft and impellers without pulling drive from vessel. Seal assembly is attached not to mixer shaft, but to the quill shaft, for ease of maintenance and testing.

teletilt mixer

JVNW Tele-Tilt Mixer

sanifoil impeller

JVNW Patented Sanifoil












Sanifoil Patented Impeller

  • The leading edge of the impeller is curved slightly upward, effectively capturing the CIP spray and directing the solution to the underside of the blade.
  • The impeller-to-shaft union is strong, but abbreviated. The
    strength is derived from its curved shape; the abbreviation has eliminated a common CIP shadow.
  • The portion of the impeller closest to the hub is configured in a CIP-friendly vertical position to offset the slower relative speed near the center.
  • The Sanifoil’s trailing edge is tapered to create an axial flow pattern, causing robust agitation and a uniform velocity across the length of the blade.
  • The top surface of the hub is pitched for complete drainage
    and to allow the cleaning surface to flow underneath the hub.



Validation Support


When requested, JVNW offers complete certification packages that include welder certification, material certification, drawings, all test reports, finish testing with profileometer, finish maps, and weld procedures.


Metal Prep

Loop Check Reports

Sprayball Test Procedure and Cert.

Riboflavin Test

Profilometer Readings

Hydrostatic Testing

Weld Maps

Welder Cert.



Operation Description

Manufacturer's Data Report U1

Material Test Reports (MTR's) with Heat Numbers

Certificate of Compliance

Surface Finish Reports (Ra) Maps with Disc. of Procedure

Grind, Polish, Rinse


Passivation Procedures and Cert.


DI Water System



Design (ASME)


Orthographic Drawings

Electrical Drawings

Instrument Data Sheets

OEM Manuals

Spare Parts List



Nutraceutical Vessels


JVNW is the leading West Coast supplier of vessels to the Nutraceutical Industry. Our in-house head forming and electropolishing departments shorten lead times. Our Rheology Lab provides technical support. All welders are ASME certified and follow a formalized Quality Control program. JVNW engineers have been innovative in designing process vessels for products ranging from garlic to gingko for twenty years. We can help you adapt to changing product lines and keep your systems flexible.


JVNW builds full scrape vessels with off-set turbines, dual motion full scrape tanks with counter-rotating turbine agitators and bottom sweep mix tanks. Fixed position spray-balls are custom drilled to each tank and are tested for complete S.I.P.



Custom Vessels

hether it's an R & D application or full production requirements, you will find it is a pleasure to do business with JVNW.



Project Management

At the heart of the company lies the Project Management Group. It's attention to detail and the JVNW strict internal system of tracking and documentation will give your company a healthy advantage. Complete and timely validation packages are a source of pride for this hyper-organized group.