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Food & Beverage Tanks

JVNW manufactures a wide variety of mix tanks and storage tanks for the food, beverage, ozone and pure water industries. We manufacture our own agitators and are home to the patented self-cleaning Sanifoil Impeller and the newly patented SaniBearing, a sanitary steady bearing designed to be easily disassembled and removed without tools. JVNW's in-house Mixer Lab will define the fluid characteristics of your company's product and develop the best solution for mixer performance.


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Mix Tanks

A JVNW process vessels is one where all components are perfectly matched and tested. Cleaning devices must reach every corner, but cannot interfere with shafts or impellers. Instrumentation must be properly located to avoid false readings. Heat transfer jacket must be sized for BTU loads or zoned for flexibility. JVNW's engineering capabilities will make a difference in the way you process your product. Examples of recent engineering innovations are the Shadowless Manway and the Sanifoil Impeller (patented) which are making our process vessels considerably more sanitary.


Our Mix tanks are built in a unique work cell environment. Much like an office, fabricators have every tool they need to build your tanks within an arms reach. Efficiency and quality is increased by minimizing tank transport during fabrication, and having all assembly parts readily available to the fabricator. Fabricators can perform a full range of quality checks including dye penetration and hydrostatic tests without relocating the vessel.


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Retrofit agitator kits


JVNW builds a full line of bottom/side entering agitators with seals that are, at the push of a lever, completely "CIP-able".


JVNW manufactures it's own economical heat transfer surface (HTS) for both low and high pressure heating and cooling applications.


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Small JVNW mixing and blending tanks



Storage Tanks


Bulk Containers for storing, handling, and transferring liquids are a JVNW specialty. These containers can be mounted on four-way forklift channels, pressure and/or vacuum rated, and can be stackable.


The JVNW manufacturing plant accommodates large tank fabrication. The 65 foot tall building allows one piece vertical assembly is an economical manufacturing method with the exception of the final circumferential weld. The actual building site or installation constraints may require on-site tank assembly. Seismic conditions are always considered.


Venting is especially critical in large volume tanks. General rules and calculations are compiled with weather related effects to vent large tanks built for outdoor service.


Large tanks can be outfitted with an enclosed skirt allowing tanks in exterior locations to safely house instrumentation and monitoring equipment.


Mild steel or stainless steel legs, diagonal cross bracing and center supports are used in place of bases when applications require on-site adjustability.


Load cells are mounted on sidewall brackets or legs. Sidewall bracket mounting facilitates suspended vessels, and are braced structurally within the tank wall. Leg-mounted load cells can be supplied during tank construction.


Economical sectional bases are available in coated structural steel. The egg crate design can accommodate sloping or flat bottom tanks.


JVNW Mix Tanks


"Bolthouse Farms has been doing business with JVNW for at least 8 years that I am aware of. They are our first and primary choice for all of our stainless steel tanks. We have purchased a variety of tanks with various configurations including aseptic, full scrape mixer, turbine mixer, glycol jacketed, hot water jacketed and insulated just to name a few. JVNW's price and delivery meets or beats their competition while their quality definitely exceeds other manufacturers. I can without hesitation recommend JVNW as an outstanding supplier to Bolthouse Farms."

-Engineering Manager Bolthouse Farms, Inc.



"...I [am] complimenting JVNW for the very professional job they do as it shows from these kettles.

I was impressed by JVNW design and manufacturing abilities and [am] recommending them as a very good vendor for this type of work.

I thank [my staff] for their decision to run this job with JVNW..."


- Plant Engineer

Sabra Dipping Company LLC



Ozone & Pure Water


Ozone Contact Tanks

Stainless steel ozone contact tanks are utilized throughout the pure water industry. JVNW contact vessels are used in ozonation systems where quality is critical. The industries' top ozone system suppliers choose JVNW to provide consistent, top quality contact tank construction.


Large clear view-port/manways, tangential fittings, and reliable ozone gas diffusers are all part of JVNW ozone contact vessels.



water pellet tank

52,000 gallon Pellet Tank

Pellet Tanks

Built to store polyethylene pellets, the pellets used to form fully recyclable water bottles. The 520,000 gallon tank pictured right houses a full rail car of polyethylene product. The lower section of the 14' x 62' tank encompasses an interior room and dispensing equipment.