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JVNW Cosmetic Vessel Designs have been expanded to incorporate a recent trend in the Cosmetic Industry: Portability. These Portable Cosmetic Vessels offer several levels of flexibility for cosmetic companies. Portable Tanks allow the customer to monitor the quality of small batches and transport the tanks from manufacturing to packaging. The tanks can be easily cleaned in one central station and expensive "hard piped" process piping, (necessary with stationary tanks), is reduced.



Engineering Solutions


The Double Seal Manway allows a steam race to sterilize the seal and eliminate potential product contamination.

The Competitive Edge


Our knowledgeable sales force and experienced engineering are making a difference in cosmetic processing. JVNW vessels are built to be flexible.


Cosmetic Vessel Features


  • Custom agitation
  • Dual motion mixers
  • Powder dispersal
  • Scrape surface agitation with offset turbine
  • 4-way stainless steel fork lift channels or casters
  • Pressure/vacuum ratings
  • Heat transfer jackets
  • Wetted surfaces are 316 S/S
  • Rheology lab for product testing


Mixing Vessels


JVNW builds full scrape vessels with off-set turbines, dual motion full scrape tanks with counter-rotating turbine agitators and bottom sweep mix tanks. Fixed position spray-balls are custom drilled to each tank and are tested for complete S.I.P.



Project Management

At the heart of the company lies the Project Management Group. It's attention to detail and the JVNW strict internal system of tracking and documentation will give your company a healthy advantage. Complete and timely validation packages are a source of pride for this hyper-organized group.