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Alternate Energy vessels

With "Green Energy" gaining momentum and media attention, liquid biofuels are increasing in popularity, particularly as they relate to transportation. JVNW has proven to be a leader in this new technology; designing, through extensive research and development, innovative processing systems, vessels and mixers.





Biodiesel is a clean-burning renewable fuel made primarily from waste cooking oils and fats. Biodiesel is used in diesel engines and does not require any engine modifications. Importantly, Biodiesel is NOT vegetable oil.


Tanks & Agitators

As we pioneer this burgeoning industry, our process technology continues to evolve as our innovative spirit defines us as a proven leader in the manufacturing of:


  • Slurry Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Mix Tanks
  • R & D Vessels
  • Process Systems
  • JVNW Patented Mixers
  • Reactors

salem pilot plant

Pacific Biodiesel Salem, OR Plant

Inside the Plant





The liquid biofuel in greatest production is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), made by fermenting starch or sugar. Ethanol is made primarily from corn (maize) grain, and is often blended with gasoline to produce "gasohol", a fuel that is 10% ethanol.

JVNW products for Ethanol production: Tanks & Mix Tanks



Other Alternate Energies


We have worked on numerous projects encompassing a variety of renewable products.


Solar Energy

A recent project included the manufacturing of JVNW Mix Tanks for the production of solar cell materials, solar cells convert energy from light into electricity.

algae growth tank

Algae Growth Tank

Algae Fuel

Engineered prototype equipment for the growth of algae. Algae is claimed to produce the most oil for biofuels as almost the entire organism is used to produce lipids from sunlight.


Separation tanks for use in waste grease collection.


JVNW prides itself on being conscious of our environment and how fragile our future is in it. At our corporate plant in Canby, Oregon we have built our own stainless steel Water-Reuse System to collect and recycle water for tank testing.



Strategic Alliance with Pacific Biodiesel


Pacific Biodiesel

JVNW has built a strategic alliance with Pacific Biodiesel, pioneers in biodiesel process technology. JVNW and Pacific Biodiesel are strategically integrated to provide you with highly efficient biodiesel process solutions.


Pacific Biodiesel is a leading advocate for the establishment of community-based biodiesel. They have over a decade of experience in constructing and operating biodiesel processing plants, as well as producing and marketing quality fuels, industry-leading accomplishments no other U.S. company can claim. Through their sister companies, Pacific Biodiesel Incorporated and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, LLC they produce and sell quality fuels and design, build, and support biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland.


Pacific Biodiesel's advanced water-free processing technology capitalizes on their leadership in production flexibility. Building scalable plants designed to serve the demands of a local community using a variety of feedstock produced by local suppliers.
PBI is capable of making biodiesel from any animal or vegetable oil. A member of the SBA (Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance), all feed stocks are sustainable and in most cases are non-edible.