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finishes & welds
Finishes & Welds

Standard (commonly used) stainless steel welds and finished.

Weld sample parent material: 150 grit polished stainless steel, unless otherwise noted.



Corrosion protection available (poison pads)

HTS Immersion Panels available


MIG Welds

mig as welded

MIG As-Welded

mig double passMIG - Double Pass,

as welded

















mig buffedMIG Buffed/Polished

mig double buffedMIG Double Pass



















mig buffed 2BMIG Buffed/Polished

2B Mill Finish

mig double buffed 2BMIG Double Pass


2B Mill Finish



















TIG Welds

tig as weldedTIG As-Welded

tig 150 gritTIG Ground Smooth to

150 grit

tig buffedTIG Buffed/Polished

tig 180 gritTIG Ground Smooth to

180 grit

tig buffed 2BTIG Buffed/Polished

2B Mill Finish

tig 240 grit and electropolishedTIG Ground Smooth to

240 grit and Electropolished