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About us
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JVNW is one of the few privately held companies of its kind in the United States. Customers are given such VIP service that the return rate is over 80%. Strategic alliances with OEMs put us in contact with a wide variety of industries and stabilizes our production year.


We have a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that can build tanks up to 1/2 inch thick, but are most proficient at building lighter gauge tanks in the 7-14 gauge range. Our facility can accommodate the construction of tanks up to 15 feet in diameter and up to 60 feet in overall height. We manufacture our own flanged and dished heads up to 12 feet diameter. Take advantage of our in-house Mixer Lab and Electropolishing capabilities.


We have a unique work environment that allows us to build tanks vertically - requiring less space. Our work week is structured to absorb spikes in demand and accommodate quick deliveries when required.


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The company, commonly called “JV” was named after Jones and Verboort, the company founders. The company was established in 1981 to fill an engineering vacuum created as the food and beverage industry reduced overhead and cut back engineering departments. The focus of the company, then and now, is to provide cost effective stainless steel processing tanks and related systems that will get the customer up and running quickly.


Our project management department is essential to our work. It is hard to find companies such as ours that still carry a strong centralized project management group. They keep all projects organized and follow through, keeping track of the details. Their yearly bonus hinges on customer satisfaction, they are truly motivated.


The beautiful Northwest location of the manufacturing plant has been a key factor in attracting some of the best and the brightest food processing engineers from throughout the country. The view of the mountains and proximity to ocean beaches is an active life style that fits with the company and the people who work here. Mr. Verboort’s shares were repurchased by JVNW in the early 1990’s. Don Jones continued as president until 2007 when the company was transitioned to current management.

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The average length of production plant employment at JVNW is six years. The workforce is well trained and talented. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is built for efficiency and smart ergonomics. The company has been presented with two building design awards.


David Jones heads up JVNW as president and keeps an eye on sales. David has a brewing technology degree from Siebel. It is a small but professional sales force with deep technical experience. All have business or engineering degrees.


Kyle Sawyer handles the operations side of JVNW and is also an engineer. Kyle has a wide range of tank fabrication experience. In addition to his career at JV he has worked for both the Paul Mueller Company and at Cherry Burrell. At Mueller he worked in an engineering capacity and as the Plant Manager at Cherry Burrell. He keeps sales to the pharmaceutical industry under his umbrella.


Phil Loen is Vice President of Sales and has been with JVNW more years than he would like us to count. He is a pioneer in Craft Brewing equipment and was instrumental in the success of JVNW’s more than 450 small brewing systems and mircobreweries.


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JVNW was listed in the top 100 fastest growing companies of Oregon for 1997 and has enjoyed continued success even during the current slower economy. We employ over 100 people and enjoy what we do. David, Kyle and Phil are the owners of JVNW. Naturally, we feel we are the best in the industry.


We hope you can find time to visit us here in the bustling metropolis of Canby (a quaint country town), just south of Portland, Oregon.



1997 - 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon
1998 - Excellence in Construction, ABC Pacific Northwest Chapter
1999 - Beautification Award, Canby Area Chamber of Commerce


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JVNW employees are an entrepreneurial group. They are truly some of the smartest, multifaceted, versatile, hard working, good-natured, interesting people you would ever want to meet.


We are located in Oregon because we all want to live here. JVNW is composed of a group of very talented and active people who enjoy nature and sports. We are competitive. We work hard and play fair.


To obtain employment information, please telephone the office during business hours: Winter office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 PM, Summer office hours are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, or send a resume via email to (attn.: Human Resources).